Create meaningful connections with customers.

That’s what I’m all about, right there. From planning customer journeys to creating intuitive digital products, ensure every effort engages and delights your target audience. Build and grow your business with this universal truth.

And let me help.

Stuff I know

Image: Customer Experience Icon

Customer Experience

Understand how customers interact with your product or service and improve those interactions.

Examine direct and indirect touchpoints between companies and customers, and use data and feedback to improve buyer-seller relationships.

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Product Management

Conceptualise, design and develop products that fulfil business objectives and improve user’s lives.

Focus on customer expectations to wireframe new features and make improvements. Lead designers and developers through roadmap and release.

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Identify your target audience. Connect with buyers by sharing knowledge and generating conversation.

Bring authority to your brand with how-tos, white papers, and guides. Grow into a resource for your audience, and not simply a product.

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Media Production

Plan, design and produce content that delights target audiences.

Write and edit clear marketing copy that produces results. Make videos which inform and entertain. Develop beautiful brands that speak volumes.

Stuff I’ve written

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