The Future Astronaut Program

I product managed print and digital versions of a 12-week Future Astronauts Program for kindergarten use, based on real NASA Astronaut training. It uses a combination of weekly physical activities, mindfulness exercises, team building scenarios and special activities to build minds, bodies, participation levels and achievements. 
The program was distributed freely to hook sales for a teacher training program that was offered to schools and kindergartens. It was distributed and used in Finland, China, the USA, India, Spain and more.
The Future Astronauts Program also supported themed pop-up kindergartens at Slush 2017 and SuomiAreena 2018
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Who did you make this for?

Our user audience was primarily kindergarten and preschool teachers for using the program. Secondary audiences included key stakeholders and decision makers in kindergarten chains, and parents. 

The decision to make a print version rested a lot on our primary audience, as research showed that the majority of kindergarten teachers globally, not only don’t use devices in the classroom, but in some cases are prohibited from doing so. It was also important in the digital version to have options of downloading and printing out the lesson, as well as just the worksheets, which could be printed out and distributed among the kids. 

What sort of team did you have?

Worked with CEO Sanna Lukander, to produce a format for the program, as she has years of experience in the publishing industry. 

The pedagogy team produced the content, comprising of Head of Pedagogy, Saara Viteli, using Sanna as a support educator and some content specialists. 

Graphic Design and Layout was done by the Art department, headed by AD Lorena Vazquez. I also offered help in that department regarding quality control and produced a couple of images for the final layout. 

The proofreading, editing and digitisation was done myself, as well as creating trackable links to be able to know what sort of engagement we were getting with each section of the lessons. Also sourced a pedagogical translator and managed the translation of the program into Finnish.

What equipment did you use?

Mostly Microsoft Word for proofreading and editing. Some photo editing in Adobe Photoshop. Also referred to Strunk and White for some style choices.