Since I’ve done some work in motion graphics video production and animation, I thought I’d stick together a little collage of moving images I’ve produced. 
Almost everything in this is from something I made, either by myself or as a key part of the team. Including the music, which was composed by me to fit to the rhythm of this showreel – also edited together by me. 
There are two exceptions, the logo for Propellerhead’s Reason and Adobe Creative Cloud. 😉  
Who did you make this for?

For you! And me. I just wanted to give an idea of some of the video projects I’ve worked on. 

What sort of team did you have?

No teams in this one. For putting this together anyway. Put this together myself, from editing to audio composition and motion graphics. Of course, some of the content involved teams. 😉

What equipment did you use?

All done in Adobe Creative Cloud, with the exception of composing the music, which was done with the amazing Propellerhead Reason. Breakdown of Adobe products:

  • Prelude – review and logging
  • Premiere – editing and composition
  • Illustrator and Photoshop – any graphics editing needed
  • After Effects – logo animations at the end